I came across this Article written by Connie Chow on Sixty + Me the other day and had to share it with everyone. If your aging parents need help to stay healthy and safe, it can be a little overwhelming and you can feel unsure about what to do. Figuring out their needs, understanding the options and making decisions can be a little challenging but this article breaks down how to asses what your aging parents needs are by looking at 8 key areas: family support; home safety; medical needs; cognitive health; mobility; personal hygiene; meal preparation; social interaction. This article also addresses the other aspect of providing care for your parents, and that is what you are able to provide. It is a fact that everyone is in a different place in their lives. So before you make the assumption that you can take care of all your parent’s needs by yourself, stop and think about your own situation and abilities. We all want your parents to be safe and happy, so its essential that you make an honest assessment as early as possible. If you take on too much and burn out physically or emotionally, you won’t be able to help your parent or yourself.

How do you start this process?

There are a lot of different solutions its important to find what works right for you and your parent and this article addresses the best way to add some of these life changes is to include them in the process. They are most likely going to be resistant in the beginning so it might take a couple of conversations, this article provides access to some guidance in these conversations.

This article also addresses several other thoughts to keep in mind as you go through the process of finding a solution for you and your aging parent. You can read the full article HERE.

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