5 Solutions to Boost Your Senior's Independence

Kathy Ugeves is at it again with some more brilliant solutions to giving the senior in your life the boost they need to remain independent. Enjoy these five fantastic tips!

One of the biggest goals for aging adults is to remain independent. It's such an important goal that your elderly family member might avoid telling you she's having trouble with specific tasks. Here are some ways to help her to keep her independence for as long as possible.

Get Her a Smartphone

Smartphones might seem too complicated for your aging family member, but they're really not. Once she gets used to everything that the smartphone can do for her, she might just wonder why she waited so long. So many different apps, from magnifiers to video conferencing, can make her life immeasurably easier.

Try a Medical Alert Device

Medical alert devices get a bad reputation, but they can be incredibly helpful. This is especially important if your elderly family member lives alone and has mobility issues. Newer devices are so advanced that they can even detect falls and alert you and other sources of help automatically.

Hire Elder Care Providers

Elder care providers are there when your senior needs them but they're not intrusive. If your senior has trouble with mobility or with bigger issues, such as driving, then having someone available who can help is empowering. Having someone come in to help can be the difference in helping your senior stay in her own home.

Set up a Communication Schedule

Whether you live in the same town or a few miles away, you may or may not be able to see your senior every single day. Setting up a regular communication schedule helps you to avoid worrying too much and it gives your senior a routine. It's a really good idea to make this a video call if it's at all possible. That way you can see with your own eyes how your senior looks.

Find Solutions for the Situations She Doesn't Want to Handle

As your elderly family member grows older, there are definitely tasks that she is so over. Housekeeping tasks, laundry, yard work, and so many other routine tasks sap your senior's time and energy. It makes sense to find someone else who can handle as much of that as possible, especially if you can't take those tasks over. Finding the right combination of help for her lets her stay independent for as long as she wants.

There are almost always some answers for the senior who wants to remain as independent as possible. Assess your elderly family member's situation and brainstorm solutions that address those needs. Keep her involved in the process so that she has as much input as possible. You can always adjust anything that doesn't work for her.